Bye Bye

Thanks to the MBC method,
I've overcome anorexia, migraines, back pain,
and chronic pain associated
with an incurable condition.


Lili Road - Bye bye douleurs chroniques
Lili Road - Bye bye douleurs chroniques

Lili Road authentically testifies to a life of struggle to suffer less, of research to heal, and of courage in the face of diseases deemed without cause, and thus without treatment. Creating the MBC method became an obvious choice for its author to restore hope to those who still suffer: freeing oneself from chronic pain is possible!
This book also provides healthcare professionals with a ready-to-use tool to complement their daily patient care.

Chronic pain makes your life a living hell? I understand. I’ve been through that terrible ordeal too!
Are you burdened by the weight of loneliness and therapeutic wandering? I know what you’re going through; I was in your shoes not so long ago…
Depuis toujours, je souffre de douleurs “inexpliquées”, sans cause structurelle. Et malgré tous mes efforts, je n’obtenais rien de plus que des soulagements de courte durée. Il y a quelques années, la douleur s’est intensifiée. Et pendant plus de 2 ans, j’ai souffert d’atroces douleurs au dos et dans la jambe gauche jusqu’à finir par être paralysée du membre inférieur gauche. J’étais désespérée ! Ce qui est peut-être aussi votre cas aujourd’hui…
However, my life changed when I discovered the real and profound causes of my chronic pain. So, what I want is to help you so that you too can experience FREEDOM again!

To soothe our Mind (brain) and reinvest our Body (body) so that our brain reuses the Connections (neural pathways) pain-free. A new genre, “Bye, bye chronic pain” combines Therapeutic Education (TE), practical workshops, and online follow-up through the dedicated MBC community for readers. It is the result of the author’s research started 10 years ago at the CHU de Lille, the latest advances in neuroscience, and Lili’s personal experience with Macquarie University in Sydney.

Lili Road is the first French art therapist certified by the Pain Reprocessing Therapy Center in Los Angeles, and she trains the reader in PRT, after which 75% of individuals no longer have pain.

We free the mind

Knowledge is power.

We get your body moving

A new state of mind

We restore the pain-free
neural pathways

It’s your turn to play!

The MBC method can help you manage all types of pain
but cannot help you permanently FREE yourself from all types of pain.
Indeed, it is specifically designed to address neuroplastic pain
(sometimes also referred to as nociplastic or psychosomatic pain).

A personalized coach, a 45-day program, multimedia content, and over 130 workshops covering BRAIN REPROGRAMMING (ET, somatic tracking, expressive writing, self-hypnosis, art therapy), WELL-BEING (Yoga, meditation, pranayama…), PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (NLP, CNV…), and advice for a PAIN-FREE LIFESTYLE.

Artist and Author : J’ai mal mais je me soigne – City éditions (2024)

Health, wellness, and personal development columnist on RCF Belgium.

Lili Road is a certified Art Therapist graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Lille and certified in PRT, Yoga (RYT-500), Meditation (CMT-500), NLP, and Hypnotherapy.

As an English professor, she holds a Master’s in International Management from SKEMA Business School, as well as a Diplom Kauffrau from Fachhochschule Osnabrück.

Lili Road - Mind Body Connections

If this method restores your hope of living the life you’ve always dreamed of, then I will be fulfilled.
Safe travels on your journey to healing.