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Signing sessions and acoustic showcase with Lili Road for the book launch “J’ai mal mais je me soigne” (City Éditions):

  • May, 8th to 12th – Varsovia
  • May, 16th & 17th – Festival des identités FNAC Amiens
  • May 16th – Musée de Picardie – Amiens
  • May, 17th – Cirque d’Amiens
  • May, 18th – Cultura – Villeneuve d’Ascq
  • May, 25th – Furet du Nord – Dunkerque
  • June, 1st – Cultura – Amiens
  • June, 8th – Cultura – Compiègne
  • June, 15th – Cultura – Saint Quentin
  • June, 21st & 22nd – Dijon Conference
  • June, 29th – Cultura – Neuville-en-Ferrain
  • July, 10th – Librairie de l’Oncle Tome – Soulac-sur-mer
  • August, 10th – Cultura – Anglet
  • Cultura – La teste – (Date to be confirmed)
  • La Bouilloire aux Livres – Dunkerque – (Fall 2024)
  • Cook and Book – Bruxelles – (Fall 2024)
  • FNAC – Boulogne – (Fall 2024)

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Feedbacks from readers:

A touching and authentic testimony full of hope

Early on, Lili has to learn to fight. First against school bullying, then anorexia. But her most challenging battle will be fought against chronic pain. One morning, a terrible pain in her back knocks the young woman down.

This is just the beginning of long months of suffering. Despite surgery, she can no longer cope. But gradually, Lili becomes aware that she holds all the keys to her recovery: she will “reprogram” her brain to stop sending the wrong signals.

Drawing strength from her experience, Lili authentically shares her healing journey. Through her adventures and reconstruction, Lili proves that one should not give up on their active life and continue to envision their future. Her testimony is a true message of hope.

Lili Road - Couverture du livre - J'ai mal mais je me soigne
Lili Road - La méthode MBC - Logo de l'association et de l'entreprise

chronic pain

Lili Road authentically testifies to a life of struggle to suffer less, of research to heal, and of courage in the face of diseases deemed without cause, and thus without treatment. Creating the MBC method became an obvious choice for its author to restore hope to those who still suffer: freeing oneself from chronic pain is possible!

This book also provides healthcare professionals with a ready-to-use tool to complement their daily patient care.

Guitar on the back, traveling around France…

Passionate about music since childhood, Lili Road, a singer-songwriter and writer from Lille, France, went to Canada at the age of 17 to take classes in dance, singing, and musical theater. There, she discovered the stage and finally found her place. Returning to France, she began writing songs and singing them in Belgium, Germany, Asia, and posting them online… Michael Jones stumbled upon one of Lili’s videos and offered her the opportunity to open for him. From there, everything happened very quickly. For several years, she met audiences, sometimes performing more than 300 shows per year and traveling over 30,000 km!

Unfortunately, one day, chronic pain leaves her bedridden, paralyzed, and music becomes nothing but a distant memory! She fights for months to walk again and wins her battle! Today, she returns with new songs, an album in the works, and even publishes a testimonial book to help others fight against illness.

“Her acoustic folk universe enchants and charms you, with a touch of rock to set the mood and make you want to dance…” – – Read the press reviews